Parmesan Ranch Chicken
Parmesan Ranch Chicken


  • boneless chicken breast [2 halves]
  • olive oil [1 tsp]
  • italian bread crumbs [2 tbsp]
  • dried basil leaves [chopped]
  • cherry tomatoes [6 halves]
  • black pepper [1/8 tsp]
  • grated parmesan [1 tbsp]
  • apolonia ranch

[preheat oven to 350 degrees F. brush your chicken breasts with olive oil in small baking dish, then use a small mixing bowl to combine your bread crumbs, basil, pepper, and parmesan. use a small bowl and pour 6 ounces of apolonia ranch. take your chicken halves and dip them in the ranch, completely coating, then dip them in your mixing bowl and place in the baking dish. place your cherry tomatoes on top of the chicken. bake for about 30 min then let sit for 10 min] enjoy! 

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