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Apolonia Dressings [commercial 1]
June 20, 2013

The first Apolonia Dressings commercial debuts on the Food Network!

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Bloomfield Community Television
March 07, 2013

County Corners with Marcia Gershenson.  Apolonia Dressings founder Etienne Farah and brother Eddie Farah, owner of John D Bistro in Ferndale discuss their growing businesses in Michigan.

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Taste Test by Detroit Free Press
July 19, 2012

The Detroit Free Press takes Apolonia Dressings into their test kitchen to see what all the good fuss is about.

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Apolonia in The Detroit News
May 24, 2012

Article on Apolonia Dressings in The Detroit News, Eats & Drinks Section.

One Good Dressing....

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Apolonia Dressing on FOX 2 Detroit
March 23, 2012

John D Bistro Executive Chef Adis Celic prepares one of his exquisite dishes including Apolonia "OILY" Dressing on FOX 2 Detroit.

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